Day 21 – 23rd Jan

Had my weigh in on Saturday and lost 1/2 lb little bit disappointed but i think i know the culprit. A massive cookie on Friday, sweets on Thursday and lasagne for lunch 3 days in a row (probably too heavy). My weakness is the evenings at home after dinner whilst watching TV. This week i’m going to try my hardest to ignore those cries for sweets.



-SF energy drink

-1/4 melon

-40g bran flakes (HEX B) + splash of milk (HEX A)

-Peppermint tea x 2




-Indonisian Chicken Fried Rice with added cabbage and leek (2.5 syns)

-Diet coke

-Bernard Mathews turkey pieces



-Lasagne (lazy jar’d way!) plus HEX A (7.5 syns)


Total syns 10

water 1L


Day 16 – 18th Jan


-SF Energy drink (needed it this morning – felt like i could sleep for years. But thats what 5:30am starts do to a girl)

-1/4 melon

-Bacon, mushroom, backed egg thing with a small bit of HEX A cheese

-Peppermint Tea x 2



-SW Tuna Pasta Bake from Mondays leftover tea (HEX A + 2 syns)

-Salad with tomatoes and cucumber

-Diet Lemonade



-2 x Hifi Bars (HEX B)




-SW beef strog syn free

-uncle bens basmati rice (1 syn)

-sf lemonade


Total syns 3

water 1L

Day 15th – 17th Jan


-blueberries, melon and banana with a ski smooth yoghurt (3 syns)

-SF energy drink

-2 x Hi-fi rocky road bars (HEX B)



-Same as yesterday, SW homemade lasagne (part of HEX A) and 1.5 syns

-Cabbage and leeks

-Diet Coke



-Small apple

-Ski Yoghurt (3 syns)

-mini marshmellows (5.5 syns)



-buffalo chicken (homemade!) 2 syns

-sweet potato wedges (homemade!)

-broccoli, carrots & cauliflower


Total syns: 15

Water 1L 


Day 11 – 13th jan


-35g bran flakes (hex b) and splash of milk (hex a) plus cut up banana

-hot lemon

-peppermint tea



Ate out with work had pan fried salmon, asparagus, new potatoes don’t know how many cals or syns (guessing at 6 for the oil used)



-Buffalo style chicken (2.5 syns) will post the receipe later as it was DELICIOUS!

-Lettuce wraps

-Rice (1 syn)

-peppermint Tea


Total Syns 9.5