Thursday weigh in (24/01/2013)

So this week i only managed to loose 1/2 lb i guess its starting to slow up again.

I’m guessing it was only a small loss this week due to maybe religiously eating the same breakfast and snacking on sweets when i get in from work. hmpf. 

Next week i’m going to aim to mix up my breakfasts with fruit and yoghurt, and maybe some scrambled egg if i get up in time! Not just my usual (favourite) breakfast of Chocolate Weetabix. I’m also going to replace my usual weekly soup with something else as i’m getting bored of eating that. Also its pay day today so I can actually buy some tasty fruit!

Going to try to keep to under 10syns a day too and keep up with my daily intake of 4L a day of water to keep off that pesky water weight!

Would of liked to of lost more, but i’m a slow loser i suppose! Gym next week, still going to carry on with the kettlebell weights too. 

Currently weigh 12 7.5lbs.

This week lost: -1/2lb

Total Lost so far: 21.5lbs (1stone 7.5lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 6.5lbs

Thursday weigh in (17/01/2013)

So pleased this morning, managed to loose another 1lb! I haven’t stuck to plan 100%, what with going out for a curry on Friday then tons of cider and beer, and then going out AGAIN saturday night and having more drinks! I have started to drink 3L of water during the week a day and doing a small kettlebell workout after i get in from work so i’m hoping this has helped. Plus i’m mixing up my lunches this week, salad twice a week and vegetable soup (Slimming World style) for the other three. Also swapping our ‘Pizza Sundays’ to smash pizza!

Here’s to another 1lb loss next week!

Currently weigh 12.8lbs.

This week lost: -1lbs

Total Lost so far: 21lbs (1stone 7lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 7lbs

Thursday weigh in (10/11/2013)

First weigh in of the year after a massive gain of 3.25lb over Christmas. I don’t know what it is lately, but i eat really well at work, but i can’t stop myself snacking on chocolates when i get in! It’s definitely got better by the end of this week (i managed to eat a yoghurt instead) but i’m seriously struggling. Maybe i just need to take all the good leftover Christmas Choccies out of our bedroom? or give them away?!

I’ve also started to drink 3L of water a day, to help me stay dehydrated and it helps keep water retention down to a minimum, therefore no pesky ‘water weight’ bringing me down come weigh in day!
Drinking 3L of water a day is hard going, especially with having to go to the loo around 3 times an hour! But it paid off and today I lost 1lb.

Currently weigh 12.9lbs.

Last 2 weeks lost: -1lbs

Total Lost so far: 20lbs (1stone 6lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 8lbs

Thursday weigh in (20/12/12)

Well i knew it was going to happen, Its that Christmas season, I’m finding it really hard to say no to tasty food and drinks lately. Sweets, Chocolate, Cider, snacks, crisps, you name it i’ve eaten it in the last two weeks, and for that i’ve put on 1.5lbs in two weeks. This needs to stop. I will not go back up to the 13 mark. Its only 3 days until Christmas Eve/Day and i’m going to try my hardest to say no to tasty treats and say yes to making healthier choices.

I also haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks, as i had a mad rush of trying to get my portfolio done for an interview. Least thats out of the way now and i can get back to it after Christmas is out of the way. 2013 is the year i hit my target. I’m hoping to hit it by April. But i’m not in any great rush, just wish to  hit my target next year at some point!

I’m also going to write a post of my goals for 2013, i think to be able to see what they are, it’ll help me keep on track!

Currently weigh 12: 6.75lbs.

Last 2 weeks lost: +1.5lbs

Total Lost so far: 22.25lbs (1stone 8.25lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 6lbs

Thursday weigh in 6th December 2012

Right so, first weigh in since moving into my boyfriends and the scales inform me i’ve lost 0.75lbs this week! I feel a little like i’ve been cheating on the plan again, what with indulging in cakes, and sweets and what not. But still achieved a loss which i’m pleased about. Next will will involve more Slimming World Friendly dinners and no ‘treats’ (i am not a pet! i do not need treats!)

Its been a busy week this week, and next week i’ve got a lot to get done aswell, so no gym until around 18th December.

Currently weigh 12 5.25lbs.

Last 3 weeks lost: – 0.75lbs!

Total Lost so far: 23.75lbs (1stone 9.75lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 4.25lbs

Here’s too some SW friendly dinners from now-on.

You may have noticed…

I haven’t done a ‘Thursday weigh in’ post in around 3 weeks. Mostly because i’ve been living between my house in Southend and my boyfriends in Hullbridge because of my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew moving back home – its just been a bit hectic for me in my parents house so i’ve retreated to my boyfriends after a kind offer from his mum to help us save for our own place. It’s not ideal but at least we’re saving money monthly, it’s closer to work and i can sleep without being woken.

I didn’t want to weigh in on his because they can obviously differ. But since i’ll be moving there in January i may as well just weigh in at his, since that will be my home for the foreseeable future/until we save enough money for a place of our own.

I’m not entirely surprised that i haven’t lost a lot in 3 weeks, eating out, not eating the right foods for dinner etc. From this week on i’m going to make an effort to eat slimming world friendly dinners.

It’s also T-minus 3 weeks till Christmas, ideally i’d like another 2lbs off in those few weigh ins.

Currently weigh 12 6lbs.

Last 3 weeks lost: – 2lbs!

Total Lost so far: 23lbs (1stone 9lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 5lbs

Here’s too some SW friendly dinners from now-on.

Thursday food diary

– 2 x Weetabix choc (HEX B + 2 syns)
– Splash of milk
– Fruity
– Frozen Raspberries

– Superspeed Soup
– Ryvita Crackerbread x 6 (6 syns)
– Kerry Low Low (HEX A)
– Muller Light
– Sugar free sparkling water

– 2 x Ryvitas (2 syns) – i seriously can’t stop eating these. SO GOOD!
– Pineapple


Total syns 10

Wednesday food diary Green Day (14/11/12)

– Muller Light Greek Style (0.5syns)
– Melon
– Fruity Teas x 2

– Superspeed Soup
– Kerry Low Low (HEX A)
– Melon
– Sugar Free Water
– Ryvita Crackerbread x 6 (6 syns)

– 2 x Weetabix Choc (2 syns + HEX B)


Total Syns 8.5


Monday food diary EE (12/11/12)

I’m expecting a gain after this weekend, Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza, and a few pints of cider.
No ‘treats’ this week, i am not a pet, i don’t need treats! 
Going to be putting more effort in at the gym this week too.

Small victory this weekend though, down a jean size in Topshop, now rocking a 12 on bottoms, and a 12 on top, i did buy a jumper and fit into a 10! yay! MUST KEEP GOING!

– 2 x Chocolate Weetabix (2 syns + HEX B)
– Fruit Tea
– Pineapple

– Superspeed Soup
– Muller Light Greek Style Lemon (0.5 syns)
– Sugar free flavoured water
– Pineapple

– Ryvitas x 3 (6 syns)
– Fruits Teas

– Salmon and prawns in sweet chilli sauce (2 syns)
– Jacket Potato
– Extra light mayo (1 syn)
– Squash

– Raisins (10?)

Total Syns 21.5 😦