Week 5 weigh in *

SO PLEASED! another great loss this week, 3lbs down, which i didn’t think would happen as its * star week. I managed to control my weekends food wise too, which i think has helped, and also made sure i was drinking water around 5 pints a day and mixing up what i’m using my healthy extras on.

Start Weight: 13 stone 6.5lbs 
Current Weigh: 12stone 10lbs

lbs lost/gained this week: -3lbs

lbs lost so far: 10.5

Weigh in: week 3

I guess my bad choices finally caught up with me this week. I am SO disappointed in myself. Like so ridiculously disappointed. I need to be moving forward not backwards. I have a 2 week trip to the US to be less fat for in 8 months!! 😦 😦

Start Weight: 13 stone 6.5lbs 
Current Weigh: 13stone 1.5lbs

lbs lost/gained this week: +1.5lbs

lbs lost so far: 5

I’m going to set myself a goal this week of at least two nights a week this week to go and do something active. Tomorrow i’ve told myself i’m going for a run. Even if its just round a couple of blocks. I think it’ll make me feel more in control and help me stay focussed. I am so disappointed in that gain tonight.

Weigh in Week 2

Just got back from my 2nd weigh in. I somehow i managed to lose 3lbs!! Even after those couple of chocolate binges! Onwards and upwards this week. So pleased with myself!

Start Weight: 13 stone 6.5lbs 
Current Weigh: 13stone 0lbs
lbs lost: 6.5

Weigh in Week 1

So i’ve just come back from my first weigh in at my local Slimming World Club and…. i lost 3.5lbs!

Not as much as i’d like to have lost, the first time i joined i think i lost around 5lbs. But i’m still super happy that its working and i’m losing any weight at all! 
Start Weight: 13 stone 6.5lbs 
Current Weigh: 13stone 3lbs
lbs lost: 3.5
This weeks goal is to loose 2lbs 🙂
How did you guys get on this week?

Thursday weigh in (28/02/2013)

So it’s been the first time i’ve lost within a month, due to Funerals/Christmas food still hanging around/and a trip away. I put on 2lbs from this and managed to loose that extra plus 1/2 a lb more! 

Next week i’m going to try and mix up my breakfast routine, and not just have the same things every morning! And drink more water.

My gym membership lapsed so i currently don’t have one of those, so i’m going to starting picking up the kettlebells at home next week some more. and if my cars still broken i’ll be doing a hell of a lot more of that! 

Heres to loosing another few lbs!

Currently weigh 12 7lbs.

This week lost: -1/2lb

Total Lost so far: 22lbs (1stone 8lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 6lbs

Thursday weigh in (10/11/2013)

First weigh in of the year after a massive gain of 3.25lb over Christmas. I don’t know what it is lately, but i eat really well at work, but i can’t stop myself snacking on chocolates when i get in! It’s definitely got better by the end of this week (i managed to eat a yoghurt instead) but i’m seriously struggling. Maybe i just need to take all the good leftover Christmas Choccies out of our bedroom? or give them away?!

I’ve also started to drink 3L of water a day, to help me stay dehydrated and it helps keep water retention down to a minimum, therefore no pesky ‘water weight’ bringing me down come weigh in day!
Drinking 3L of water a day is hard going, especially with having to go to the loo around 3 times an hour! But it paid off and today I lost 1lb.

Currently weigh 12.9lbs.

Last 2 weeks lost: -1lbs

Total Lost so far: 20lbs (1stone 6lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 8lbs

Thursday weigh in 6th December 2012

Right so, first weigh in since moving into my boyfriends and the scales inform me i’ve lost 0.75lbs this week! I feel a little like i’ve been cheating on the plan again, what with indulging in cakes, and sweets and what not. But still achieved a loss which i’m pleased about. Next will will involve more Slimming World Friendly dinners and no ‘treats’ (i am not a pet! i do not need treats!)

Its been a busy week this week, and next week i’ve got a lot to get done aswell, so no gym until around 18th December.

Currently weigh 12 5.25lbs.

Last 3 weeks lost: – 0.75lbs!

Total Lost so far: 23.75lbs (1stone 9.75lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 4.25lbs

Here’s too some SW friendly dinners from now-on.

You may have noticed…

I haven’t done a ‘Thursday weigh in’ post in around 3 weeks. Mostly because i’ve been living between my house in Southend and my boyfriends in Hullbridge because of my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew moving back home – its just been a bit hectic for me in my parents house so i’ve retreated to my boyfriends after a kind offer from his mum to help us save for our own place. It’s not ideal but at least we’re saving money monthly, it’s closer to work and i can sleep without being woken.

I didn’t want to weigh in on his because they can obviously differ. But since i’ll be moving there in January i may as well just weigh in at his, since that will be my home for the foreseeable future/until we save enough money for a place of our own.

I’m not entirely surprised that i haven’t lost a lot in 3 weeks, eating out, not eating the right foods for dinner etc. From this week on i’m going to make an effort to eat slimming world friendly dinners.

It’s also T-minus 3 weeks till Christmas, ideally i’d like another 2lbs off in those few weigh ins.

Currently weigh 12 6lbs.

Last 3 weeks lost: – 2lbs!

Total Lost so far: 23lbs (1stone 9lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 5lbs

Here’s too some SW friendly dinners from now-on.

Monday food diary EE (12/11/12)

I’m expecting a gain after this weekend, Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza, and a few pints of cider.
No ‘treats’ this week, i am not a pet, i don’t need treats! 
Going to be putting more effort in at the gym this week too.

Small victory this weekend though, down a jean size in Topshop, now rocking a 12 on bottoms, and a 12 on top, i did buy a jumper and fit into a 10! yay! MUST KEEP GOING!

– 2 x Chocolate Weetabix (2 syns + HEX B)
– Fruit Tea
– Pineapple

– Superspeed Soup
– Muller Light Greek Style Lemon (0.5 syns)
– Sugar free flavoured water
– Pineapple

– Ryvitas x 3 (6 syns)
– Fruits Teas

– Salmon and prawns in sweet chilli sauce (2 syns)
– Jacket Potato
– Extra light mayo (1 syn)
– Squash

– Raisins (10?)

Total Syns 21.5 😦