Tuesday food diary

Yesterday wasn’t too bad, minus a certain tasty pastry product that i couldn’t resit.

Was supposed to go swimming to, but just as i was going to leave i thought i’d check to see that it was still on, turns out it was clubs only. Boooo!

Still managed 17 mins on the cross trainer. 13 of those straight then a 2 min break before the other 4.

Thought i’d jump on the scales this morning to see whether the said pasty product effected me. Turns out i weighed in at what i usually do on a thursday, so theres some hope of a decent loss this week fingers crossed!


– Coco pops and milk – (5 syns)
– Sugar free orange squash
– Sugar free irn bru!
– Alpen Light Choc & Fudge (HEX B) x 2

– 2 boiled eggs
– 4 slices of lean ham
– cucumber and carrot sticks
– Dairylea Dunker Breadsticks (5.5 Syns)

– Jacket potato
– Baked beans
– Mushrooms & Tomatoes
– 2 jaffa cakes (5 syns)

– Apple
– Activia 0% Fat Free Mandarin yoghert

Total syns 15.5

15 mins non stop on Cross trainer, 3 min break then 5 mins extra.

My week in Instagram photos (18th – 24th June)

1. Me and one of my best friends mel out in Southend on Friday, 2. My What’s In My Handbag Post 3. New ‘Chicago’ top i purchased this weekend for £4.99! 4. This weeks nails 5. My new (old) Gameboy Colour 6. Fridays Lunch 7. Pint of cider whilst watching England lose yesterday 8. New cross trainer brought for £10 off facebook! 9. Southend Carnival 10. A lunch from last week 11. My face 12. My boyfriend, and his dad and wife-to-be won the pub quiz! 13. new Simon the Cat air freshner.