Syn Free Spring Rolls (Slimming World Style)

How many does it serve? 1 or 2 people

How long does it take? 20 minutes
What do i need?
– around 10 sheets of Lasagne
– 1 packet of Stir fry mix (around 60p in the supermarket)
– Soy sauce
– Fry light
How many syns? 0, none, zero, zilch!
What do I do? 
Boil your lasagne sheets until soft, once this is done, empty half the water away and top up with COLD water. Fry your stir fry mix until cooked, adding in some soy sauce (pour in as much as you need). While this is cooking grab an oven dish and line with baking paper or spray with fry light if you haven’t got any paper. 

When the stir fry mix is cooked, leave it in the frying pan, grab a warm lasagne sheet which should still be floppy, and lay flat.

Spoon in some stir fry mix and roll up and place onto oven dish.

Once rolled, spray a little fry light over the rolls and place in the oven, at 180c for 20 minutes or till crispy, you’ll get like a blistering pattern on the spring rolls, this is normal, means they are very nearly ready!

*the trick to cooking these is being prepared, make sure you’ve got everything out you need before you start spooning in the stir fry mix, as the lasagne sheets don’t need long to go rock hard, and this makes rolling them difficult!*