Friday 3rd Jan 2014

Yesterday was a super good day, I managed to stay within my syn allowance and turned down bad food! Now to combat today at work and tonight if we go to the pub!

– Oats so simple plain with banana added in (HEX B)
– Milk (HEX A)
– Water
– Peppermint Tea

– Courgettes and leeks in Cider Vinegar
– Passata onion and basil flavour
– Basmati Micro Rice (1 syn)
– Lamb
– Diet Coke

– Marshmellow thing (1.5 syns)
– Pineapple Fresh
– Muller Light
– Water
– York peppermint patty x 2 (5 syns)

– Sausages (3 syns)
– Mash
– Onion Gravy (1/2 syn)

Total syns: 10

Healthy ‘b’ choices this week (19/11/2012)

This weeks healthy ‘b’ choices will consist of a choice of (depending on whatever day I’m following);

– Chocolate Weetabix x 2 (1 Healthy b + 2 syns)

– Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbread x 6 (1 Healthy b) – Be careful to make sure that you’ve got the wholegrain ones, as the original are a healthy extra, I made this mistake last week! BUT its not all rubbish as the original ones are only 1 syn each, so its not the end of the world!

– Weetabix Oaty bars white chocolate x 1 (1 Healthy b)

I purchased these in my local bargin stores, the Weetabix Oaty bars (priced at 99p!), and Chocolate Weetabix (£1) in B&M Bargin store, and the Ryvita Crackerbreads (69p!) in Home Bargains.

What are you choosing this week for your healthy extras?!