Fanta Chicken Slimming World Recipe

So i’ve had the Smash Pizza, the diet coke chicken, and pizza topped chicken, but now i needed my chinese fix! Well a Slimming World equivalent. Fanta Chicken.

How many does it serve? 2 people

How long does it take? 30 – 40 minutes (incl. prep)

What do i need?
– Cut up Chicken Breast (enough to feed two people)
– Passata (250ml)
– Onions
– Pineapple Chucks (if you’re using canned pineapple you need to syn these, 2.5 syns when drained)
– 3 Sliced Bell Peppers (or frozen, just as good!)
– 1 Tsp Soy Sauce
– Fry Light
– 250ml Fanta Zero (Or any other Orange soda as long as its sugar free!)
– Rice (i used Uncle Bens Special Fried Rice – 4syns) you can use just boiled rice as its syn free

What do I do?
Spray a large sized frying pan with fry light and set to a medium to high heat.

Add the diced onions to the pan, once they’re starting to looked cooked add the chicken (make sure not to over do the chicken at this stage).

If you need to add a little more fry light to the pan and throw in the sliced peppers. Keep these in the pan for around 8mins/or until they looked soft/cooked.

Add the passata and soy sauce into the mix. Make sure to heat up the Fanta Zero (i stuck it in the microwave for 4 minutes, obviously not in the can!) before adding with the passata and soy sauce.

At this point the mixture will look like a watery mess but rest assured it will thicken!!

Turn the heat down to a low simmer, and leave covered, i had no lid for my frying pan so i just stuck a slightly bigger pan over the other one, for about 20 minutes. Keep checking it as when it does eventually thicken it happens quickly.

At the very last 5 minutes throw in some pineapple (you can add it before BUT when you cook pineapple it adds more syns!)

As soon as the liquid thickens turn off the heat and serve immediately with a side of water rice you fancy, i used Uncle Bens Express rice (these are syned as they have a little bit of oil in to make the rice not stick when you throw it in the micro!) failing that you could always just use plain boiled rice which i think is syn free/very low syn.