My week in Instagram photos 25th June – 1st July

1. Nearly finished working on the new Hip City Cats flyer for Northern Soul night in Brighton 2. Went for drinks in Hullbridge on sunday pub overlooks a river 3. Vodka & Diet Coke at said Hullbridge pub 4. Burnt knees from this years Village Green Festival in Chalkwall 5. drunken self portrait on Saturday at the Alex 6. Pre gaming before heading out to party pink pear cider 7. downloaded google Chrome, much better than Safari! 8. Bath after a session at the gym and swimming 9. at 8:45 it was 21c in Essex! 10. I’m addicted to the new Sims City Social! 11. a lunch from one day last week 12. bag i purchased from Greece last year 13. broken Mac! 14. another lunch from last week 15. snacks