REVIEWED: Purity Skincare Moisturisers

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out some products from Purity Organic Skincare. If i’m honest I hadn’t heard much about them or their products before, although I had seen a few in Superdrug.

I’m pretty obsessed when it comes to products and my skin (especially on my face) as I’ve just, in the last year or so, got rid of around 10 years of acne, so my skin is finally looking normal apart from the one pimple that pops up occasionally so naturally i did my research to make sure it wasn’t going to upset my skin. Purity Organic Skincare believe less is more when it comes to looking after your skin. British in origin, Purity pride themselves on bringing us all intelligent, sustainable and organic beauty, without the crap most companies put in their products.

It was a lovely surprise to receive six out of seven products Purity produce – and all full size! I have been using the products for a just over a week and will be bringing you one post a week, reviewing the products. This week i’ll be reviewing the Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser and the Anti-aging Moisturiser.
Being a graphic designer the first thing I notice about any product when i’m shopping is the packaging and design. Purity’s is simple, and to the point, and at the end of the day all i want to see is what it is i’m buying and the brand. They use pastel purples with a splash of pink or green (depending on what product it is). The use of the product is the second thing that draws my eye, after the brand of course and some small details about the products which is always a win/win for me. They use just the right amount of pretty and informative.
So lets begin with the Anti-aging moisturiser. (£5.99 for 50ml)
Moisturisers are usually a big deal with me, my skin has changed from being greasy and spotty to super dry since ‘growing’ out of my acne years. I’d been using a Simple moisturiser for a few years but recently had to stop as it was making my skin all kind of greasy and made my foundation look TERRIBLE, so I was really excited to find that a moisturiser had been included in my bundle of joy that Purity had sent over.

Like all Purity’s products, it has almond oil and aloe vera, both excellent for skin. What’s also added is cranberry seed oil, vitamin E (which is evidenced by the cream’s firm texture), rose flower water, shea butter, beeswax and more newfangled ingredients. At first application, it did feel a little heavy but after giving it a few minutes to absorb into my skin it left my face feeling smooth and hydrated and got rid of all of those horrible dry patches. I’ve worn the moisturiser under foundation and found it to be very good as a base too.
As I mentioned before I’m not a night creams biggest fan, I’ve had a few bad experiences with them in the past, So I approached this one with some apprehension. The cream is very thick, as I expected with a night cream. You know that saying ‘a little goes a long way’? Keep that in mind when applying. First impressions is that it seemed to cool a few of those pimples that popped up during the day, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I also found that the next morning that my skin didn’t feel greasy or tight obviously this cream was helping in some sort of way. It has pretty much the same ingredients as the other moisturiser. I’m starting to think that the natural/organic route is something I should look at more.

Would I repurchase? Definitely. I think I’ve finally found a couple of moisturisers I can really get on with, which came as a suprise as i’ve always had this idea of night time moisturisers being super greasy and not worth bothering about.

Next week i’ll review a couple more products!

Have you ever tried any products from the Purity Skincare range?

REVIEWED: Colour B4 Hair Colour remover

I’ve been dying my hair non-stop for well over 8/9 years, bleach, pink, black, red, green, blonde, purple – you name it, it’s been on my head! My mousy brown days were long over, so i thought.

I was desperately trying to grow out the black i currently had, before the black i was a super bright red with the help of around 4/5 smashings of bleach, my hair was SO LONG before the bleachings and it just gave up one day and i realised i’d lost around 4/5 inches of my hair where it had just broken off, hence me dying it black and making sure i was conditioning it regularly. Anyways, lets just say i had TERRIBLE roots, a mix of the leftover black and my mousy brown sneaking through.

This is my hair BEFORE applying Colour B4

I was contemplating buying a home dye to just try and override everything. But then the box of Colour B4 (official website) caught my eye. It was more expensive than most supermarket box dyes starting around the £10.50 mark, the extreme one i used was £12 something from Boots, but online reviews were pretty positive.

I splashed out on a box, figuring that things couldn’t get any worse.

I bought the “Extra Strength” variety as this was recommended for removal of darker shades or when your hair has been dyed several times. Check and check. The result was a pleasingly distinct change in colour for much less cost than getting it stripped out by a professional.

My main warning with this product is that it stinks. Like, stinks. I’ve mostly used nice ammonia-free dyes lately but hadn’t forgotten that hair dye usually has a weird toxic smell. However this stench was beyond anything ever before.

Stinky egg farts is the best way to describe it.

And to boot, you have to leave the solution in for 60 minutes (if you’ve got super long hair like myself). Yes, nearly an hour of sitting around with a stinky rotten odour in close proximity to my nose. It does recommend that you wrap your hair in cling film whilst you’ve got it on, so that knocks the smell back a bit.

The change was noticeable straight away, even while my hair was still wet. It was several shades lighter than before and no distinct regrowth.

At first it seemed my hair had taken on a ginger look, but it soon settled down to a more natural light brown. This is a photo i took today (a day AFTER using Colour B4)

I’d totally recommend Colour B4 for remedying any hair dye disasters you might have, or for when you are too broke to get your roots down and just fancy a change.

REVIEWED: Percy & Reed No-Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner

I received this free from WIMH (What’s in my handbag) when i signed up, you get grab little freebies every now and then which is totally awesome. I think it usually retails for around £12?

I’ve only ever used one other Percy & Reed product before, another freebie in a magazine a few months ago, which was a hair mask. I LOVED the hair mask. I recently went from black to bright red then back to black (with the help of bleech) after which my hair was DEAD. I lost a good few inches of it where it just broke off, and this mask worked a treat. So i’m expecting good things from this product.

The Verdict
Well where to start with this product? As always with products from Percy & Reed the packaging/bottle design is beautiful well considered typography and black beautiful illustrations, the can has a matte finish to it. The dry shampoo itself is in aerosol for quick use before running out of the house in the morning. For some reason i was a bit apprehensive about using this on my freshly washed hair as i figured it would leave it a little greasy. This was not the case though. I applied it to layers of my hair lifting chunks up here and there to ensure equal coverage and making sure the ends were done to. I brushed the product through and my hair amazingly was silky, soft and smooth. Which is exactly what you expect from a normal conditioner. Beautiful.

The dry conditioner has a bit of a chemical pong to it, but it doesn’t make your hair smell if that makes sense. I LOVE this product, i think i’ll try using it after i’ve used their dry shampoo, as i tend to find using dry shampoo dries my hair out, i wonder if this product would counter-act that?

Would I buy it again? 
It retails for around £12, which seems a little step, considering most dry shampoos usually set you back a couple of pound, but if this was on offer i would purchase again. It simply does what it says on the tin.

Have you tried the No-Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner? Would you like to?