My Week in Instagram Photos November

1. Giant Letters my boss got me as a surprise! 2. My cheeky nephew 3. I got drunk and wrote Front Bottoms lyrics on the chalkboard doors at the Alex 4. My face 5. Fruit Teas 6. Christmas Lights poster i designed 7. Socks! 8. More Socks! 9. Disney Cat hat 10/11. Fireworks at Southend Seafont 12. Sisters Avenue/Clapham Brochure i designed ❤ 13. A cheeky tiple! 14. Ness on Halloween 15. Me on the first night of Halloween celebrations 16. Me 17. Brooklyn Larger!

My week in Instagram photos (20th Aug – 7th Sept)

So i’ve missed a few weeks of uploading, as I’ve been massively busy, doing what I hear you cry?! Well the answer is not actually that much!

Warning, my moonface features a few times
1. Working on my website whilst waiting for my boyfriend at the station 2. Facespam from the image before 3. More face spam 4. Stuck in traffic snacking on grapes 5. My boss never rinses the cups properly! 6. Adams parents love birds, in the shape of a heart! 7. Me at Mersea Scooter rally drinking a cider 8. New hoodie! 9. Boyfriend 🙂 10. Chicken being soppy 11. The only image i took at the Mersea Scooter Rally of an actual bike 12. Ad at the rally 13. Love his face, i don’t know what mine is doing 14. Brought Benefits Browzings! for the amazing price of £10 – Review to come! 15. Way past lunch time! 16. Chicken gets way too excited about boxes 17. New Purchase 18. Grandad with my nephew 19. Nan with my nephew Connor 20. Playing Cards in bed with Ad.

My week in Instagram photos (13th – 20th Aug)

1. Holding my cat at the last BBQ i held 2. Me, Mel and Hannah in Mels convertible mini 3. My awesome nephew in my sunglasses 4. We took him to the park 5. Less Than Jake tickets finally showed up! 6. Catching up with It’s Always Sunny 7. Relaxing Bath! 8. At the 2012 London Olympics 9. Me and my nephew at a BBQ at mine 10. Before heading out for Vanessa’s birthday 11. New Vans!! 12. New tattoo, portrait of Chicken 13. Connor at the park 14. Logo i’ve been working 
on at work 15. Chicken 16. Nails

My week in Instagram photos (30th July – 6th Aug)

1. New Tee! 2. Another new tee! 3.Descendents at Hevy fest! 4. My boyfriend chilling out in a field 5. A view from Port Lympe Zoo 6. A sign from the zoo using Apple’s logo as a piece of fruit 7. Strawberry cider my festival cider choice 8. Tent 9. Me and the boy 10. Hevy VIP wristband! 11. my face 12. Car boot all packed! 13. Had a cheeky visit to the Gormet Burger Kitchen 14. Drawing maps at work 15. Chicken! 16. My nephew Connor.

My week in Instagram photos 25th June – 1st July

1. Nearly finished working on the new Hip City Cats flyer for Northern Soul night in Brighton 2. Went for drinks in Hullbridge on sunday pub overlooks a river 3. Vodka & Diet Coke at said Hullbridge pub 4. Burnt knees from this years Village Green Festival in Chalkwall 5. drunken self portrait on Saturday at the Alex 6. Pre gaming before heading out to party pink pear cider 7. downloaded google Chrome, much better than Safari! 8. Bath after a session at the gym and swimming 9. at 8:45 it was 21c in Essex! 10. I’m addicted to the new Sims City Social! 11. a lunch from one day last week 12. bag i purchased from Greece last year 13. broken Mac! 14. another lunch from last week 15. snacks

My week in Instagram photos (18th – 24th June)

1. Me and one of my best friends mel out in Southend on Friday, 2. My What’s In My Handbag Post 3. New ‘Chicago’ top i purchased this weekend for £4.99! 4. This weeks nails 5. My new (old) Gameboy Colour 6. Fridays Lunch 7. Pint of cider whilst watching England lose yesterday 8. New cross trainer brought for £10 off facebook! 9. Southend Carnival 10. A lunch from last week 11. My face 12. My boyfriend, and his dad and wife-to-be won the pub quiz! 13. new Simon the Cat air freshner.