This weeks Nails W/C 25th June

I’m hoping to do a weekly nail post starting with today. This weeks nails are a homage with a twist to the popular style that is dip dying things at the moment, hair, clothes, etc.

I used Boots Natural Collection ‘Hibcus’, Barry M ‘Mint’ and Models Own Nail Art Pen.

Here’s a step by Step:

01. Paint your nails in your base coat and allow to dry fully.

02. Pour some of your 2nd colour (I used the mint green) onto a piece of paper and then pour an equal amount of clear polish on top and mix them both together. You don’t need to use the clear polish but I find it makes the polish easier to work with and more transparent, creating a softer gradient.

03. Using a nail art or paintbrush paint a layer of your mixed polishes onto your nail, from the tip to about 50% down the nail. Don’t worry if it’s barely visible, we’re going to build up the layers.

04. Once the first layer has dried, paint another layer on top of the first, this time only covering about 30% of the nail. Apply a few more layers, judging with your eye, until you’re happy with the gradient.

05. You can stop here and apply a top coat, but I love whipping out my Models Own nail art pen and adding some leopard print as a finishing touch!