I’m back, for real’sies this time!

So after a few months on and off plan during leaving my old job and getting a new one in London i seem to have put back on over half a stone. Which isn’t cool.

Seeing how horrible i look has been a very sobering image. Back on the diet wagon for realsies. My aim is to loose a stone (if not more by ‘realistically’ March next year as my best friend is getting married and my boyfriend is her fiancées best man. 

So here we go; 

– 2 chocolate weetabix (Hex B + 2 syns)
– 1.5 pints of water

– Batchelors pasta sauce + canned tuna (1 syn)
– Diet Coke
– Banana

– Water

– Roast chicken
– Cabbage, carrots, green beans

– Potatoes, sweet potato
– Gravy (2.5 syns)
– Mini Yorkshire pudding (2.5 syns)
– Kitkat (5 syns)
– Indian chocolate thins X2 (2 syns)

Water Consumed? 2 pints

Total Syns 15

Slimming World Tuna & Leek Fish Cake

How many does it serve? well this recipe makes 6 large fish cakes, so you could even get 10 medium size cakes out of it to.

How long does it take? 30 minutes
What do i need?
1 and a half canned tuna
2 x leeks
1 x egg
100g of Smash

How many syns? Free on EE 
What do I do? 
Slice the leeks up and fry for 10minutes to soften them up a little, take off the heat and into a large bowl.

Crack the egg and whisk it.

Add the tuna and egg to the leeks.

Mix up the 100g of smash with enough water for it to turn to mash, and add to the egg,tuna and leeks, mix it up well.

Grab a handful of the mixture and mould with your hands into discs. and place on a oven dish. Make sure you spray some frylight on the dish so they don’t stick!

Put in the oven for 30mins on 190c, turning them halfway though.

Eat whilst hot!



Thursday food diary

– 2 x Weetabix choc (HEX B + 2 syns)
– Splash of milk
– Fruity
– Frozen Raspberries

– Superspeed Soup
– Ryvita Crackerbread x 6 (6 syns)
– Kerry Low Low (HEX A)
– Muller Light
– Sugar free sparkling water

– 2 x Ryvitas (2 syns) – i seriously can’t stop eating these. SO GOOD!
– Pineapple


Total syns 10

Saturday food diary EE (20/10/12)

– 2 x Weetabix (HEX B + 2 syns)

– Lettuce
– Tinned Salmon
– New potatoes with philly light
– Gherkins
– Egg

– Cheap Chocolate sweets x 5 (5 syns?)


Total Syns 7

Thursday food diary EE (18/10/12)

No weigh in today as i stayed at my boyfriends and don’t want to weigh on his scales, just because they can differ so much, so tomorrow i’ll report back on my *hopefull* loss!

– 2 x choc weetabix (HEX B + 2 syns)
– Hot Lemon
– Muller Light Cranberry and Raspberry
– Water

– Strawberries
– Green Tea with Strawberry x 2

– Boots Sushi (2.5 syns)
– Relentless sugar free
– Boots Shapers Onion Ring Crisps (3 syns)
– Pineapple



Total Syns 7.5


Wednesday food diary 10/10/12

– Melon, pineapple & mango fingers
– Banana
– Green tea
– Water

– Kallo Low Fat Rice Cake x 2 (3 syns)
– Green Tea

– Boots Sushi (2.5 syns)
– Boots Shapers Onion Rings (2.5 syns)
– Boots Shapers WaterVit
– Fresh Pineapple

– Muller Light Vanilla
– 17g of All Bran Honey Crunch (1/2 HEX B)
– Mars Celebration (2 syns)
– Apple

– WW sauce (3 syns)
– rice
– chicken and veg
– Quarter of a melon
– All bran honey crunch 16g (HEX B) with milk allowance (HEX A)

Total Syns 13

– 20 minutes of Kettleworx, Cardio week 1 (next week when i do it i’m going to complete it! was so hard though!)
– 40 sit ups

Thursday Weigh in (4th October 2012)

Again, i’m gutted this week, after massively over indulging at the weekend because i was hungover, and i drunk my weight in redbull, not the sugar free kind but the full fat variety as it was the cheapest at the club we went to. Plus i had my nephews 1st birthday and a whole buffet of goodness! I actually feel a lot skinner/perhaps a little tighter than usual.

I did try my hardest at limiting my syns to below 10, that worked on about half of the week. The superspeed soup didn’t give me a great loss like i’ve read about so! i’m going to try the scan bran challenge next week, is it 5 scan bran a day or something!?

The only thing i’ve got to worry about this weekend food wise is a birthday meal at a all-you-can-eat chinese on Saturday and some drinks after, i think i’ll stick to the vodka and diet coke this time, Redbull is not for the faint hearted or those who want to sleep!! Fingers crossed to at least a good friday and sunday! Currently weigh 12 10.25lbs.

Lost this week: -0.5lbs

Total Lost so far: 19.75lbs (1stone 5.75lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 9.25lbs

I also have found out i’ve lost 10% of my body weight! yay! if thats not a way to make that small lose seem not that bad then this is it.

Tuesday food diary

– Apple
– Orange sugar free squash
– Blackberrys
– Peppermint tea x 2

– Chomp snack size x 2 (5.5 syns)

– Superspeed soup
– Wholemeal Bread x 2 (HEX B)
– Pepsi Max
– SW Cheese Scone
– Dairylea Triangle Light x 2 ( HEX A)
– Muller light cheesecake (1 syn)

– superspeed soup
– jacket potatoe
– broccoli
– dairylea light cheese triangle (Hex A)

– Snack size crunchie (3 syns)
– apple

Total syns 9.5


45 minutes at the gym 400 calories burnt

Friday food diary

– Pinapple
– Muller Light Toffee
– Diet Coke
– Peppermint Tea x 2

– Side Salad with peppers and sweetcorn
– Pot Shot Tomato and Herb Pasta
– Raspberries
– Muller Light vanilla cheesecake (1 syn)
– Coke Zero



Total syns 1