REVIEWED: Colour B4 Hair Colour remover

I’ve been dying my hair non-stop for well over 8/9 years, bleach, pink, black, red, green, blonde, purple – you name it, it’s been on my head! My mousy brown days were long over, so i thought.

I was desperately trying to grow out the black i currently had, before the black i was a super bright red with the help of around 4/5 smashings of bleach, my hair was SO LONG before the bleachings and it just gave up one day and i realised i’d lost around 4/5 inches of my hair where it had just broken off, hence me dying it black and making sure i was conditioning it regularly. Anyways, lets just say i had TERRIBLE roots, a mix of the leftover black and my mousy brown sneaking through.

This is my hair BEFORE applying Colour B4

I was contemplating buying a home dye to just try and override everything. But then the box of Colour B4 (official website) caught my eye. It was more expensive than most supermarket box dyes starting around the £10.50 mark, the extreme one i used was £12 something from Boots, but online reviews were pretty positive.

I splashed out on a box, figuring that things couldn’t get any worse.

I bought the “Extra Strength” variety as this was recommended for removal of darker shades or when your hair has been dyed several times. Check and check. The result was a pleasingly distinct change in colour for much less cost than getting it stripped out by a professional.

My main warning with this product is that it stinks. Like, stinks. I’ve mostly used nice ammonia-free dyes lately but hadn’t forgotten that hair dye usually has a weird toxic smell. However this stench was beyond anything ever before.

Stinky egg farts is the best way to describe it.

And to boot, you have to leave the solution in for 60 minutes (if you’ve got super long hair like myself). Yes, nearly an hour of sitting around with a stinky rotten odour in close proximity to my nose. It does recommend that you wrap your hair in cling film whilst you’ve got it on, so that knocks the smell back a bit.

The change was noticeable straight away, even while my hair was still wet. It was several shades lighter than before and no distinct regrowth.

At first it seemed my hair had taken on a ginger look, but it soon settled down to a more natural light brown. This is a photo i took today (a day AFTER using Colour B4)

I’d totally recommend Colour B4 for remedying any hair dye disasters you might have, or for when you are too broke to get your roots down and just fancy a change.