Weigh in: week 3

I guess my bad choices finally caught up with me this week. I am SO disappointed in myself. Like so ridiculously disappointed. I need to be moving forward not backwards. I have a 2 week trip to the US to be less fat for in 8 months!! 😦 😦

Start Weight: 13 stone 6.5lbs 
Current Weigh: 13stone 1.5lbs

lbs lost/gained this week: +1.5lbs

lbs lost so far: 5

I’m going to set myself a goal this week of at least two nights a week this week to go and do something active. Tomorrow i’ve told myself i’m going for a run. Even if its just round a couple of blocks. I think it’ll make me feel more in control and help me stay focussed. I am so disappointed in that gain tonight.