Day 8 – 10th Jan

Went a bit over with food/drinks yesterday as we’re having an offsite this week at work and had a work dinner, there was nothing safe on the menu so I got onglet (didn’t realise it came with chips) ate those and drank red wine 😭 Trying to be better today.




-fruit bowl (melon, pineapple and strawbs) with fat free 0% yoghurt

– peppermint tea x 2



-cookie (3.5 syns)

-Jelly beans x 10 (2 syns!)


-peppermint tea


-fridge raiders (3 syns)



-SW tuna pasta salad pot

-Diet Coke

-2 eggs



-slimming world style Swedish meatballs with gravy and homemade mash (2 syns + HEX a)

-SF soda and lime


Total syns 10


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