A fresh start (hopefully)

So i’m back at it again, i’m finally back in the right frame of mind to attack my fat ass again. i’ve put on 12lbs (i think – i can’t remember what i managed to get down to in May) Ideally i want to loose a stone, but realistically before christmas it might be a bit of a push.My plan to try and stick to this is to make a note of ALL FOOD that goes into my mouth, none of this ‘if i didn’t write it down – i didn’t eat it’ lies. Start weight is set at 13stone 4lbs.


-packet of Oats so simple original (HEX B) with added sweetner

-Pineapple and mango pieces

-Strawberry and mint tea

-half a banana



-Slimming World sweetcorn chowder soup

-2 boiled eggs


-Diet Coke



-chocolate rice cake pack M&S (6 syns)

-Strawberry and mint tea



-Roast with chicken, gravy (2 syns) new potatoes, parsnips, peas, carrots weird cheesy cauliflower (4 syns at a guess?)

-4 haribo sweets (2 syns)


Total syns 14

Water 1L