Day 94 – 8th April

I weighed today, considering i gained 1.5lbs last week, this week (somehow!) i managed to loose 2lbs. Bringing me only 1 and a quarter lb away from hitting the next stone bracket.

To date since i’ve started (i forget when) i’ve lost a measly 9 3/4lbs. Which seems slow but its definitely steady i hope.




-Quater oat pot thing (HEX B)

-Belvita softbake biscuit thing (i got handed it on the tube this morning and couldn’t resist) (10 frigging syns!)

-Peppermint Tea




-Chicken stew

-Diet Lemonade

-Malteaser mini bunny (3 syns)



-Tea with milk (HEX A)

-Mullerlight toffee yoghurt


Total syns 13 😦

Water 1L




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