Day 50 – 22nd Feb (Week 8)

Well, because i’ve been flakey tracking my dinners, i unsurprisingly put on 0.5lb. This week is all about tracking everything i eat. I must seem to think if i don’t write it down – i didn’t eat it! ha.

New week – Lets do this!



-2 egg cups (ham and mushrooms)

-2 alien light bars (HEX B)


-Lemsip (1/2 syn)



-SW Risotto new meal (synfree)


-Diet Coke



-slices of banana, mullerlight vanilla + 2 meringues (2 syns)

-Lemsip (0.5 syns)

-pickled onions

-Roast chicken 


-green beans and peas

-tesco butternut squash bake 220 cals for half pack) don’t know what the cheese percentage is going to say 5 syns to be on the safe side


Total Syns 8

Water 3 Pints


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