Day 3 – Wednesday 6th Jan

Again another day on plan, it’s so hard resisting all the goodies at work though! #justkeepgoing #posithoughts 


– bran flakes 35g (HEX B)

– banana

– sugar free energy drink

– mint green tea


– butternut squash, carrot, tomato, onion and prawn sweet chilli stir fry (1 syn)

– Diet Coke


– Galette des rois (small slice) guesstimating 5 syns

– chicken pieces

– jelly (0.5 syns)

– mint green tea

– homemade spag Bol (2 syns)

– egg noodles (2 syns)

– hot choc (2 syns)

– 3 meringues (3 syns)

Total syns 15.5

Water 1l


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