Day 1 – Monday 4th Jan

I’ve put on a massive stone and a half since the wedding back in June last year. Today I’m ready to loose that for Vegas in May!

Here’s to getting back on track.

Start weight – 13 stone 12lbs


– half cantaloupe

– green apple

– pink bolt energy drink zero (it is my first day back at work!)

– tea with milk (HEX A)

– peppermint tea


– BBQ beans bowls (from the slimming world mag) (synfree)

– courgetti

– zero cherry Coke


– mullerlight (synfree)

– jelly sugar free (0.5 syns)

– 2 big gherkins (free)


– cheese (hex a)

– homemade fish pie (2.5 syns for sauce)

– hot choc with a marshmallow (3 syns)

– merengue X 3 (3 syns)

Water 1l

Total syns 9


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