Monday 14th September 2015


  • Muller light Greek style (0.5 syn)
  • Banana
  • Alpen Light Summer Fruits (HEX B)


  • Slimming World Singapore Noodles with added broccoli
  • Alpen Light Summer Fruits (HEX B)


  • Muller Bliss Lemon (6 syns)

Water 1500mls

Syns 6.5


Monday 7th September Food diary

After coming back off my short break in Switzerland i managed to get a bladder infection, so off i went to the doctors to get something for it. Got antibiotics, was allergic to antibiotics. Was even more sick that before taking said antibiotics. Even with a trip to A&E. But i’ve got new prescription now that hopefully i won’t be allergic too and won’t make me sick!

Back to work today as its pretty busy and i don’t like calling in sick after coming back off holiday. Gotta stay focused.


  • Asda Granola split Pot (fat free yogurt)
  • Handful of Grapes
  • Peppermint Tea


  • Slimming Word Stew thing with added broccoli
  • Jelly Fat free (1/2 syn)


  • Options Hot Choc (2 syns)

Total syns 2.5

Water Drunk today? 2000mls