Surprise, surprise!

I’m back (not again I hear you chant!) but this time I have an even bigger reason to slim down because I’m getting fucking married next year! Mental!

So I have 7 months to drop some chub and look remotely appealing. I’ve signed up to the gym and so far this week had a good week. But I’m going to need all the help I can get to fight these naughty cravings so here it goes. 
– Oats2go porridge (HexB)
– water
– peppermint tea
– chicken and mash (8 Syns guess!)
– hovis wholemeal bread x2 (6 syns)
– sugar free squash x 2 pints
– homemade fish pie (3 syns)
– water
Total syns 17
– second time in the gym this week only around 200 calories burnt
– C25k wk1 day1

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