Monday 31st March 2014

Well last week went to absolute shite diet-wise. So i’m hoping i’ve got it all out of my system and now its time to get focused on getting into those 11’s. I will do this.

– Water (2.5 pints)
– Peppermint Tea x 2
– Muller Light
– Kiwi

– Homemade SW friendly cottage/shepards pie (not sure what the difference is between each!)
– Broccoli
– Pepsi Max Cherry
– Water (pint)

– Apple
– French sweet (1 syn)

– Mushroom, chickens ad bacon carbonara (5 syns)
– Noodles

– Garlic bread slice (4)
– Tesco yoghurt (0.5 syns) with Marshmellows (2 syns) and merange (sp?) 2 syns 

Total Syns 15.5

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