Tuesday 26th February 2014

– Puffed Wheat 35g (HEX B)
– Milk (HEX A)
– Pint of water x 2
– Peppermint Tea

– Baked Beans
– Spinach and egg cups
– White fish
– Mushrooms
– Chopped tomatoes
– Pepsi Max

– Jelly (0.5 syns)
– Marshmellows (10 syns)

– Cheesy pasta (2 syns philly)
– Mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic and bacon

– Sugar free soda

Total Syns 12.5

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 26th February 2014

  1. Hey! they are like little breakfast muffins i suppose, what you do is get a muffin tray, spray with fry light, line with spinach (or ham or even bacon!) crack an egg in each 'cup' and add any chopped mushrooms or other bits in too. Put into the oven for about 25/30 minutes on 180.
    They are super tasty!


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