Monday 3rd February 2014

Weigh in tonight, i hope to god that i haven’t gained this week, i’ve tried super hard to stay on plan this weekend too. Just got to think positively (and not eat anything too heavy before 7pm!!!)

– WW Yogurts x 2
– Peppermint Tea
– Water (pint)
– Scan Bran Cookies x 2 (1/2 HEX B + 1/2 syn)

– Tuna Steak
– Green Beans
– Passata with roasted veg (courgettes, mushrooms and tomato’s)
– Pepsi Max
– 1/4 pineapple
– Water (pint)

– Rich tea fingers x 5 (5 syns)

– Dolmio Bolognese low fat sauce (3 syns)
– SuperValu Meatballs x 4 (6 syns)
– Sugar free Squash (pint x 2)

Total Syns: 14 1/2 


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