Thursday 30th January 2014

– WW Fat free Vanilla Yogurt
– WW Fat free Toffee Yogurt
– Banana
– Peppermint Tea
– Water (pint)

Lunch (from the canteen at work)
– Lemon and Herb Grilled Chicken
– Carrots and peas
– ‘Creamy’ mash potato (2.5 syns at a guess as i wasn’t sure what was in it)
– Water (pint)

– Fresh Fruit cocktail (Mango, Melon and grapes)
– Water (pint)
– Pepsi Max
– Peppermint Tea

– Salmon with Sweet chilli sauce (4 syns)
– Prawns
– Salad, peppers, cucumber, toms

– New potatoes with mint
– Water (1/2 pint)
– 2 x drifters (10 syns)
Total Syns: 16.5


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