Monday 20th January 2014

Had a pretty terrible weekend, with multiple chocolate snacking occurring and i don’t even know why.
Weigh in tonight, guess i’ll find out how much that has effected the loss!

– Tesco Healthy Living Peach, Mango, Passonfruit Yoghurt (1/2 syn)
– Pineapple and Cantaloupe
– Water (pint x 2)
– Peppermint Tea (x 2)

– Boiled Rice
– Passata Garlic and Herb
– Roasted Veg
– Water (pint)
– Peppermint Tea

– Pineapple and Melon
– Diet Coke
– Muller Light Greek Style half (1/2 syn)

– Homemade Lasagne (guestimated at 5 syns)
– Marshmellows (6 syns)
– Diet Coke

Total Syns 12


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