Thursday 16th January 2014

I let my chocolate biscuit monster get the better of me last night, was just going to have one, but i couldn’t restrain myself! I had 5. Today is a new day. Going to try harder.

– Oats2Go Original (HEX B)
– Milk 190ml (HEX A)
– Sugar free squash (pint)
– Grapes
– Water (pint)

– Reef Coast (Lidl Cod) with herb butter sauce (1/2 syn)
– Green Beans, Carrots, Broccoli and Cauliflower
– Coke Zero
– Water (pint)

– Half a fresh pineapple
– Water

– Wetherspoons 5 Bean chilli with taco crisp things (6 syns)
– 2 diet cokes
– 6 Cadburys Heroes 😦 (15 syns)

Total Syns 21.5 😦


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