Wednesday 15th January 2014

Went a little over with my syns yesterday due to being super hungry when i got in late, which was due to trains messing up my journey home, which took almost 3 hours!! (it usually takes 1hr 20) But today is a clean new day without any mistakes (yet).

– Oats2go Original (HEX B)
– Banana
– Milk 180ml (HEX A)
– Water (pint)
– Diet Coke

– Lidl Reef Crest Salmon with Herb Butter
– Leeks, Tomatos and mushrooms roasted (3/4 plate worth)
– Diet Coke

– Muller Light
– Half a fresh pineapple
– Water (pint)

– Richmond Sausages x 3 (13.5 syns!)
– Baked Beans
– Sweet Potato Wedges Homemade

Syns Total: 13.5


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