Monday 6th Jan 2014

I’ve decided rather tha just doing it alone I’m going to join a group tonight to see if that’ll stop me falling off the wagon! Need to get focused and loose this 2 stone!

Here’s to a *hopefully!* productive good week!

– Oats so Simple porridge (HEX B)
– Milk (HEX A)
– Pint of water (x 3)
– Birdseye Baked to Perfection Salmon in Lemon & Herb Sauce (FREE on EE)
– 1/2 can of mushy peas
– a whole leek cooked in Apple cider vinegar
– 1/2 a cantaloupe
– Diet Coke

– Water (2 pints)

– 8 flying saucers (2 syns)
– Breaded cod (7 syns)
– Sweet chilli (2.5 syns)
– New potatoes 
– Peas
– Sweed & carrot 
Total syns 11.5


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