Tuesday food diary (2/4/2013)

Right after about a week of being off plan, celebrating my new job and easter i’m back on it!
Going to up my water intake and focus on not eating chocolate! I have 3 and a half weeks to drop some weight before me and a few mates are off to Groezrock Festival in Belgium, and until i start my new job in London (scarey!) Thats my new goal!

– 2 x Chocolate Weetabix (HEX B + 2 syns)
– Milk (HEX A)
– Fruity Tea x 2
– Water (75cl)

– Soup SW friendly
– Water 75cl
– Pepsi Max
– Fruit (Melon/Mango/Pineapple)
– Fruity Tea

Total Syns 2

Water Consumed 1.5L

How are you all getting on, how was your cravings during easter?!