Thursday Weigh in (07/03/2013)

Loss of 1.25lbs today which i’m super happy about!

Going to keep carrying on with what i’m doing as it seems to be working at the moment, but am going to try and mix up my breakfast a bit more, can’t seem to stop having my chocolate weetabix! and up my units of water i drink daily.

Going to see if i can get the boy to go for a couple of evening runs during the week too…

Heres to staying on plan-ish this weekend!

Currently weigh 12 5.45lbs.

This week lost: -1.25lb

Total Lost so far: 23.25lbs (1stone 9.25lbs)
lbs to go until 2nd target: 4.75lbs

How did you all get on this week!?

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