Wednesday food diary (20/03/2013)

– 2 x Chocolate Weetabix (HEX B + 2 syns)
– Milk (HEX A allowance)
– Peppermint Tea
– Pepsi Maxx

– 5 x Ryvita Crackerbread Whole Grain (5 syns)
– Melon/Mango/Pineapple
– 4 x Laughing Cow Light (HEX A)
– 4 x Fish Sticks
– Water

– Milky Bar (3 syns)

– Pasta
– Bacon, mushrooms, peppers, onion
– Sweet Chilli Sauce (2 syns)
– Smoked Low Fat Sausage (2 syns)
– Squash

Total Syns 14

Water Consumed 1L

A rare non diet post!

So i’ve wanted to write a post like this for a while, we all know what the state of the economy is at the moment, everyone is penny pinching and trying to get the best deals. I’ve just started doing this also in the last few months.

I wanted to collate a list of things i’m doing to try and save money, whilst i’m buying things i need/use. Not to be confused with those crazy American’s with their pointless coupons buying up shit they don’t need and hoarding them for a bazillion years!

Firstly; Cashback sites.
If you don’t already use these then why not!? If you’ve GOT to buy a new washing machine/windscreen wipers/BBQ/CD’s/Clothes etc then why not get some of the money back that you’ve just spent, for the small price of it costing you nothing!

I’ve been using Top CashBack which is rated by as one of the best sites to use. It’s free to sign up to (if you join one that asks for a yearly fee i’d probably stay away!) 

All you do before you decide just to head to the retailers website to pay for whatever is it, head to Top CashBack, sign into your account and do a search on their site, click their link to the retailer you want to buy from and you’ll earn a percentage back of what you spent.

You can also get money for nothing, well taking out Equifax trials/Lovefilm trials/ trials etc and earn anything from £5-£25. Just make sure you cancel before the trials up!
I just made £20.20 for taking a trial out with Equifax for 30 days. Love me some free money!

Whats best about Top CashBack is that there is no minimum withdraw limit,  and you can get your earnings paid by either Bacs into your account, Amazon vouchers, Tesco Clubcard points or Love2Shop vouchers. I usually just use the Bacs payment method – I can’t resist cold hard cash.

From joining in January this year i’ve earnt £34, for just buying what i need. What’s not to like?!

Second; Freebies!
If you’re on Facebook, which i’m sure everyone with a beating heat is then you NEED to ‘like/follow/whatever’ 10 ways to have more money as a student, without working. Ignore the title you don’t need to be a student to like/use the page, i’m not!

These awesome people post legendary bargains, supermarket price glitches, profit making ideas, hidden tricks & freebies.

To date I’ve purchased a Eastpak suitcase for £19 with an RRP price of £90, free pens, free toothpaste, free Gilette razor, free chocolate, free event tickets (me and my boy are off to the Ideal Home Show on Sunday thanks to a link, a coupon code to free tickets!) free books, vouchers, coupon codes and more.

Third and finally, WeQ4U
If you, like me, find making calls to companies with 0845/0844 numbers ridiculously pricey, i use my mobile to sort out most calls so it’s even MORE expensive, then you NEED this iPhone app in your life.

WeQ4U is a ugly but FREE Android/iPhone App and Service that puts you through to UK 08 numbers for FREE, without queueing. Mobile users save approx. 30p per minute on their 0800, 0845, 0844, 0843, 0870 numbers.

The app turns these premium rate numbers into ‘mobile minute friendly’ numbers, which won’t cost you any additional money on your contract.

If you’re stuck in a call centre queue you simply key in 9* and when a call centre person answers your call, you get re-connected, so no waiting hours on end with the phone stuck to your ear.

Using this service has saved me £40+ in ringing these premium rate numbers!

Any one have any other money saving tips or websites?

Tuesday food diary (19/03/2013)

– 1 x Chocolate Weetabix (4 syns)
– Peppermint Tea x 2
– Water 1/2L

– 6 x Ryvita Whole Grain Cracker Bread (HEX B)
– 4 x Laughing Cow Light Triangles (HEXA)
– Seafood Sticks
– Melon/Mango/Pineapple Fruit Salad

– Water 1/2L
– Hobnob (3.5 syns)
– Sushi (2 syns?)

– Jacket Potatoe
– Cheese (1 syn)
– Beans
– Chicken (3 syns)
– Squash
– Pepsi Max

Total Syns 13.5

Water Consumed? 1L

Monday food diary (18/03/2013)

– Muller Light
– Peppermint Tea x 2
– Water 1/2L

– Sweet and Sour Mugshot (free)
– 1 whole red pepper small
– Mango/Pineapple/Melon fruit salad
– Muller Light Lemon Cheesecake (1 syn) 

– Tesco Sushi (1 syn)
– Cadburys fingers (3 syns)
– Cookie (6 syns)

– Pork Chops x2
– Mash (2 syns?)
– Peas/Carrots/Green Beans/Sweetcorn
– Squash

Total Syns 13

Water Consumed 1/2L

Tuesday food diary (12/03/2013)

– 2 x Chocolate Weetabix (HEX B + 2 syns)
– Splash of Milk (HEX A)
– Fruity Tea
– Muller Light
– Peppermint Tea

– Mug Shot Sweet & Sour Noodles (free)
– Superspeed Fruit (Mango/Pineapple/Melon)
– Whole Red Pepper
– Peppermint Tea

Total Syns 2

Thursday Weigh in (07/03/2013)

Loss of 1.25lbs today which i’m super happy about!

Going to keep carrying on with what i’m doing as it seems to be working at the moment, but am going to try and mix up my breakfast a bit more, can’t seem to stop having my chocolate weetabix! and up my units of water i drink daily.

Going to see if i can get the boy to go for a couple of evening runs during the week too…

Heres to staying on plan-ish this weekend!

Currently weigh 12 5.45lbs.

This week lost: -1.25lb

Total Lost so far: 23.25lbs (1stone 9.25lbs)
lbs to go until 2nd target: 4.75lbs

How did you all get on this week!?