Thursday food Diary (7/02/2013)

Sorry for the half assed posts/no posts this week, I had Monday off work sick, and Half day on Wednesday as i had a funeral (and ridiculously tasty ‘wake’ food, inlcuding cake, warm sausage rolls and sandwiches!) But i’m back for this week and weekend! 

Next week however, me and my boyfriend are off to Paris for a couple of days and a cheeky night in Bruges! So i won’t be posting a lot. I have got a few recipes to try out and post though so check back in a week or so for those and a couple of new ‘weekly post’ ideas!

– 2 x Chocolate Weetabix (HEX B + 2 syns)
– Splash of Milk (HEX A)
– Tea with Milk (Allowance from HEX A)
– Sugar Free Squash 1L

– Mug Shot
– Broccoli
– Red Pepper (half)
– Pineapple (Fresh/Half)
– Flavoured water sugar free 1L
– Dairybox Chocolate (2.5 syns!)

Total Syns 4.5

Water Consumed 1L



Tuesday food diary (05/02/2013)

– 1 x Chocolate Weetabix with a splash of Milk (HEX B/HEX A + 1 syn)
– Water

– 4 x Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbreads (3 syns)
– Tuna/Red Onion/Red Pepper topping
– Water
– Broccoli
– Pineapple

– Pasta
– Philly Light (HEX A)
– Chicken and mushrooms
– Broccoli
– Chocolate (11 syns)

Total Syns 16

Water Consumed 3L