Thursday weigh in (28/02/2013)

So it’s been the first time i’ve lost within a month, due to Funerals/Christmas food still hanging around/and a trip away. I put on 2lbs from this and managed to loose that extra plus 1/2 a lb more! 

Next week i’m going to try and mix up my breakfast routine, and not just have the same things every morning! And drink more water.

My gym membership lapsed so i currently don’t have one of those, so i’m going to starting picking up the kettlebells at home next week some more. and if my cars still broken i’ll be doing a hell of a lot more of that! 

Heres to loosing another few lbs!

Currently weigh 12 7lbs.

This week lost: -1/2lb

Total Lost so far: 22lbs (1stone 8lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 6lbs

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