Monday food diary (18/02/2013)

I’m back from my european adventure with my boyfriend, Disneyland was awesome, but oh-so-cold! Bruges was a welcomed relaxed few days after charging round the disney parks and driving across France. I stuffed my face with whatever i wanted including Hot Dogs, Beer, Waffles, ICe Cream and sweets, i figured it was a holiday and i’ll shift it when i get back. 

I only put on 2.5lbs which i was surprised about i thought it would be way more!

So back on plan from today. 

– 2 x Chocolate Weetabix (HEX B + 2 Syns)
– Milk (From HEX A allowance)
– Sugar Free Water 1L

– 3 slices of ham
– Broccoli
– 3 x SW Cheese Scones
– Water
– 1 small Mango

Total Syns 2

Water Consumed 2.5L



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