Thursday food diary (31/01/2013)

You may have noticed there wasn’t a Wednesday food diary. Well I had the day off work and went to get tattoo’d for a painfull 4 hours and didn’t stick to plan.

Last time i got tattoo’d i had stuck to the plan 100% but whilst i was sitting i became faint and shaking and starting to loose my hearing. I blame this on the lack of sugar, and ended up nearly passing out. So this time i made sure my sugar levels were up.

Tattoo’s sore, the most colour i’ve had in one place, can’t wait for it to heal!

Anyway, back to today’s food diary!

– Pineapple fresh
– Sugar Free Water 2L

– Mug shot Creamy Cheese (2 syns)
– Broccoli
– Muller Light
– Water

Total Syns 2

Water Consumed



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