Thursday weigh in (24/01/2013)

So this week i only managed to loose 1/2 lb i guess its starting to slow up again.

I’m guessing it was only a small loss this week due to maybe religiously eating the same breakfast and snacking on sweets when i get in from work. hmpf. 

Next week i’m going to aim to mix up my breakfasts with fruit and yoghurt, and maybe some scrambled egg if i get up in time! Not just my usual (favourite) breakfast of Chocolate Weetabix. I’m also going to replace my usual weekly soup with something else as i’m getting bored of eating that. Also its pay day today so I can actually buy some tasty fruit!

Going to try to keep to under 10syns a day too and keep up with my daily intake of 4L a day of water to keep off that pesky water weight!

Would of liked to of lost more, but i’m a slow loser i suppose! Gym next week, still going to carry on with the kettlebell weights too. 

Currently weigh 12 7.5lbs.

This week lost: -1/2lb

Total Lost so far: 21.5lbs (1stone 7.5lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 6.5lbs

2 thoughts on “Thursday weigh in (24/01/2013)

  1. Hi Louise, yeah I'm sure they tell you, that you should mix up what your eating as your body gets used to it and makes it hard to loose, i tend to eat soup 3 times a week and a salad in between those 3 days whilst i'm at work to make sure i'm mixing it up a little 🙂


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