New Year, New Start

I allowed myself Christmas off plan from Slimming World, to enjoy the Christmas holidays (nobody wants to be watching what their eating when theres all these tasty treats around!) So i’ve had around 11 days off, and have eaten SO MUCH food. I do miss my fruits and veggies though. I think roughly i’ve put on around 4lbs, but we’ll see on Thursday, i’m totally ok with this though, as hopefully it’ll be easy enough to loose again.

So before i start on goals for this year, how did i get on last year?

– I decided i needed to take action and make myself happier, i noticed when i was out shopping for clothes that i was getting really frustrated with how i looked and how i could never get clothes in my size when i saw stuff i liked. I was a size 16. I’m now a 12.

– I managed to loose 1 stone 8.5lbs. I’m pretty happy with that, I know a lot of other people have lost tons more but slow and steady right?! I’m hoping to loose that again this year.

– I’m learning alot about cooking and am generally making healthier choices.

I wish when i first started on this journey that i’d taken measurements of my body so this year thats what i’ve done.
– arms 14.5 inches
– thighs (measuring from the cats moustache) 24 inches

Now onto 2013’s goals
– get to the gym a minimum of twice a week
– drop another stone AT LEAST
– drink more water
– stay on plan at the weekends more

What are you New Years Resolutions or Goals?


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