Thursday weigh in 6th December 2012

Right so, first weigh in since moving into my boyfriends and the scales inform me i’ve lost 0.75lbs this week! I feel a little like i’ve been cheating on the plan again, what with indulging in cakes, and sweets and what not. But still achieved a loss which i’m pleased about. Next will will involve more Slimming World Friendly dinners and no ‘treats’ (i am not a pet! i do not need treats!)

Its been a busy week this week, and next week i’ve got a lot to get done aswell, so no gym until around 18th December.

Currently weigh 12 5.25lbs.

Last 3 weeks lost: – 0.75lbs!

Total Lost so far: 23.75lbs (1stone 9.75lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 4.25lbs

Here’s too some SW friendly dinners from now-on.


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