Monday food diary EE (19/11/12)

– Muller Light Greek Style (0.5 syns)
– Weetabix Oaty Bar White Cho (3.5 syns)
– Half a Banana
– Fruity Tea

– Fruity Tea

– 6 x Ryvita Crackbread Wholegrain (HEX B)
– Kerry Low Low spreadable Cheese (HEX A)
– Sugar Free flavoured water
– Mug Shot (1 syn)
– Tuna Fish Cake (homemade)

– Pineapple Fresh
– Twinkie (7.5 syns)

– Roasted Super Speed Veggies Red Onion, Red Peppers and mushrooms
– Carrot and butternut squash mash (ss)
– Chicken Kiev (not sure how many syns are in this!)

Total Syns 12.5

Exercise 1 hr at the gym, 520 cals burnt


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