Thursday food diary (01/11/12)

I couldn’t stomach any magic porridge (probably ever again! Bleurghhh!) so I returned back to the usual.
– 2 x Chocolate Weetabix (HEX B + 2 syns)
– Splash of Milk
– Muller Light Greek yoghurt lemon (0.5 syns)
– Hot Lemon

– Green Tea with Strawberry

– Pasta Pot Shot Tomato & Herb
– Courgettes, Yellow Pepper, and Leeks leftover from dinner
– Pinapple
– Water


– Peppermint Tea
– Kallo Rice Cakes x 2 (3 syns)
– Fruit Shortcake biscuit x 2 (4 syns)

– Superfood Wholewheat Pasta from Weatherspoons (4syns?)
– Diet Coke

Total syns 11.5

Exercise 45 mins at the gym (300 cals burnt)


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