Weekly Summary 12/10/2012

So after losing just 1/2lb this week, like last week, I took my disappointed ass to Instagram (i post most of my food adventures there). If you have an iPhone or BBerry download this (as if you haven’t already got it!) and search the #slimmingworld hashtag. There are SO MANY meal/snack/recipe ideas on there worth trying, and a good way of almost creating a visual food diary to keep track of what you’re eating.

I seem to have gathered quite a nice group of fellow fat fighters on their that are super lovely and very supportive. I posted this after my weigh in this week:

I don’t know really what i was expecting in the replies (if any!) but received a lot of supportive feedback, “its a step in the right direction” “at least it wasn’t a gain!” which is really lovely to hear, it really did drown out my “you didn’t try hard enough” voices in my head! 
Amongst the comments i got some handy tips, some of which i know i should do – but don’t, some of which i haven’t heard before – but made sense.

Drink more water – Not only does water regulate your metabolism (if you’re overweight like me chances are you may need more water) But drinking more water helps your body stop retaining it, if you’re only having a glass a day, your body prepares itself to save that water (i.e water weight) as it thinks it won’t get anymore. The more you drink the less your body has to hold on to it.

Drinking lemon water in the morning  Again kinda referring to the above point, but having a hot cup of water with a slice of lemon in the morning is a good boost for your metabolism. 

Mix your routine up! – I know, I know its one of those ones that i know i should do but get comfortable in a samey routine. I’ve noticed from this week along that i’ve been quite repetative with what i’m eating, i’ve mostly been following the Extra Easy plan so next week i’m going to aim to do at least 4 days of Green, one Red and the others Extra easy. Concentrating on eating more salads, pasta (the thought of eating lots of carbs scares the shit out of me!) and soups.

These are two things that i’ve already put into place in my Slimming World diet, cut down on the fizzy diet drinks replace with water and throw in some lemon during the day for a boost. Lemon’s also a super speed fruit! 

I’m by no means a dietitian by any stretch of the imagination, just thought people might want to see what i’m trying to boost my weekly weight loss. Guess i’ll see next Thursday whether this has had any impact.


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