Friday food diary

Starting from yesterday afternoon, I’ve decided to give up canned diet drinks, in replacement i’ll drink water. After reading up on the artificial sweetner i’ve decided i don’t want that in my body, plus it can’t help to see whether steering clear of the diet drinks will have any effect on my weigh. I obviously can’t avoid them totally, what will i drink my vodka with at the weekends?!?

FYI i do realise these sweetners are in my favourite muller lights to, so i’m going to finish what i have in the fridge and find an alternative.
– Pineapple
– Peppermint Tea x 2
– Water

Kallo Corn Thins (17cals ea so 10 = HEX B?)
– Laughing Cow Blue Cheese Triangles x 3 (HEX A)
– Water

– Pasta Pot Shot Roast chicken (0.5 syns)
– 400g Cantaloupe Melon
– Water

Celebrations x 5 (10 syns!) Stupid office sweets!

– Grilled chicken
– Peas
– Jacket Potato
– Salad (5 syns)
– Pepsi Max

Total Syns 15.5


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