Thursday Weigh in (4th October 2012)

Again, i’m gutted this week, after massively over indulging at the weekend because i was hungover, and i drunk my weight in redbull, not the sugar free kind but the full fat variety as it was the cheapest at the club we went to. Plus i had my nephews 1st birthday and a whole buffet of goodness! I actually feel a lot skinner/perhaps a little tighter than usual.

I did try my hardest at limiting my syns to below 10, that worked on about half of the week. The superspeed soup didn’t give me a great loss like i’ve read about so! i’m going to try the scan bran challenge next week, is it 5 scan bran a day or something!?

The only thing i’ve got to worry about this weekend food wise is a birthday meal at a all-you-can-eat chinese on Saturday and some drinks after, i think i’ll stick to the vodka and diet coke this time, Redbull is not for the faint hearted or those who want to sleep!! Fingers crossed to at least a good friday and sunday! Currently weigh 12 10.25lbs.

Lost this week: -0.5lbs

Total Lost so far: 19.75lbs (1stone 5.75lbs)

lbs to go until 2nd target: 9.25lbs

I also have found out i’ve lost 10% of my body weight! yay! if thats not a way to make that small lose seem not that bad then this is it.

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