Monday food diary

Shocking weekend food wise, with my nephews first birthday and party food and a cheeky Chinese! But today’s a new day right?

– Muller light cherry
– Strawberries
– Peppermint Tea x 2

– Half of my Slimming World Quiche i made yesterday full of Super speed!
– Salad
– 2 Tblspns of Sweet Chilli Sauce (2 syns)
– 2 x Dairylea Triangles (light) Hex A
– Pepsi Max
– Strawberries

– Diet Fanta
– Slimming World Quiche
– Broccoli
– Muller Light
– Biscuits x 3 (6 syns)
– Party rings x 2 (2.5 syns)
– Cheese Scone (slimming world style)
Total Syns 10.5

Hips, Bums and Tums!

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