Monday food diary

Weekend Summary
Had a pretty bad weekend food wise, but so fun wise, it was awesome. BBQ in Hampshire, looking at ships in Portsmouth, and lots of hot chocolate! I’m aiming to either loose 1/2lb or STS this week, due to this weekend. I’m aiming exercise wise to be busy, my boyfriend said he’ll go running with me after work this week, if it actually stops raining! if not i’ll stick to swimming, maybe a gym session and my kettlebells.

Heres to a healthy fit week!

– Diet Coke
– Muller Light Cranberry and Raspberry
– Strawberries

 – Chicken & sweetcorn pasta with sweet chilli sauce (3 syns)
– Pom Bears (5 syns)
– Muller Light cheesecake (didn’t end up eating this)
– Diet Coke
– Kiwi x 2
– Strawberry

– Gammon
– Egg
– Broccoli

– Alpen Light Choc & Fudge (HEX B)
– Jam Mallow Biscuits x 4 (10 syns)
– Sugar Free Squash

Total Syns 18

– HBT Hour.


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