Saturday food diary

It’s very rare that you’ll find a Saturday food diary on here from me, as i don’t usually tend to keep track of what i’m eating or how many syns i’ve had, but i need to get a good lose this week if i ever want to get to my goal for Christmas, so here it goes.

I’ve allowed myself a few more syns to make it easier.

– Scrambled eggs
– 2 whole meal slices of bread (HEX B)
– Tinned tomatoes
– Flora pro activ light (1 syn)

– Smash Pizza
– Vodka (2.5 syns)

– Asda Chosen by You Tomato and Herb Chicken
– Asda Mediterranean Veg (4syns)
– Vodka & Diet Fanta x 2 (5 syns)

– 2 biscuits (2.5 syns)
– Milky bar (3.5 syns)
– Diet red bull
– Jaffa Cakes x 5 (10 syns!)

Total syns 28.5


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