My week in Instagram photos (20th Aug – 7th Sept)

So i’ve missed a few weeks of uploading, as I’ve been massively busy, doing what I hear you cry?! Well the answer is not actually that much!

Warning, my moonface features a few times
1. Working on my website whilst waiting for my boyfriend at the station 2. Facespam from the image before 3. More face spam 4. Stuck in traffic snacking on grapes 5. My boss never rinses the cups properly! 6. Adams parents love birds, in the shape of a heart! 7. Me at Mersea Scooter rally drinking a cider 8. New hoodie! 9. Boyfriend 🙂 10. Chicken being soppy 11. The only image i took at the Mersea Scooter Rally of an actual bike 12. Ad at the rally 13. Love his face, i don’t know what mine is doing 14. Brought Benefits Browzings! for the amazing price of £10 – Review to come! 15. Way past lunch time! 16. Chicken gets way too excited about boxes 17. New Purchase 18. Grandad with my nephew 19. Nan with my nephew Connor 20. Playing Cards in bed with Ad.

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