Monday food diary

I did try and restrain my shite food intake over the weekend at Mersea Scooter Rally I did munch on a few burgers and sausages though and a whole crate of strongbow….

Here’s to getting back to it again!

– Sugar free flavoured water
– Peppermint Tea
– Alpen light double chocolate x 2 (HEX B)
– Grapes

– Mug Shot (Tomato & Herb)
– Muller Light Greek style (0.5syns)
– Bernerd Mathews Chicken pieces Tikka flavour
– Melon
– Sugar Free flavoured water

– Gammon (probably cooked in oil) 1 syn
– Jacket potato
– Peas
– Diet coke
– Salad cream (2.5 syns)

– Crips (4syns)
– Alpen Light (3.5 syns)
– Sugar free squash

Total Syns 11.5


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